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This was a pretty long post but I hope that you see the power of UIAutomation and the potential burst in quality that your app can gained. There is not a lot of documentation on UIAutomation, but I’ve listed a bunch of links that may help you.

And, of course

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  • Hi Prabha,


    One more help from you.

    I need the sample automation script to perfrom delete functionality in table view (i.e. swiping on the row of the table)


    Thanks in advance,


  • informative....thanks

  • I never used specifically for my app.. i will try that and will let you know

  • Thanks a lot prabha... One more help, Did you try tat setlocation( ) in instruments? If so can you put detailed info abt tat.



  • Hi DD,

    Dont use the same script mentioned in the reference collections, you have to modify the same according to your application.

    try to make the Alert script as a function and call it where ever you need it.

    function zipcode alert()


    UIATarget.onAlert = function onAlert("Zip Code"


    //alert.staticTexts()["Zip Code Error"];

    UIALogger.logMessage("Test Passed - Alert with title '" + title + "' encountered!");

    UIATarget.localTarget().captureScreenWithName(" Test Passed - Zip Code Error");

    alert.textFields()[0].tap(); // this will tap the text field inside the alert 

    alert.textFields()[0].setValue(1234); //this will set a value to the textfield

    alert.buttons()["OK"].tap(); // this will tap the button



  • I need to know how to handle alerts. If we use the script mentioned in reference collection, it is not working. If you have any working script please share it.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Thanks... It is really useful:)

  • Great Effort Thankyou  :)

  • Thanks...its very useful



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