• Postman app is widely used for performing api testing in web application testing services. Setting environment variables using Postman app can be achieved by using the concept of key-value pair. Below is a brief description of the steps that should be followed for setting and adding any environment variable using Postman app for api testing:

    i) Create an environment using the  “New Button” in the upper left corner of the Postman app.
    ii) Set the name of the environment such as 'QA' and press 'Add' button.
    iii) Now, select the  environment by clicking the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the Postman app.
    iv) Now, define the environment varaibles that you want to add to the app.
    v) Set the variables using key value pair such as key: ServerURL
    vi) In order to access this variable use the format {{variableName}}.

    Using this approach , we can create and access any environment variable depending on our requirements.

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