• In programming, there are situations where automation testing company wants to do complex mathematical calculations. For this purpose, JavaScript provides a top-level “Math” object to perform mathematical operations. Math object has no constructor and all its properties/methods can be accessed directly as you will never need to create a Math object because it is automatically created by the JavaScript interpreter. Calculations performed using Math object get executed faster compared to the same task performed using regular JavaScript.

    The math object provides you static properties and methods for mathematical constants and functions. It enables users to work with advanced mathematical calculations like logarithms, trigonometry, roots, random numbers, rounding numbers, perform trigonometric operations, etc.

    The Math object’s properties stores various mathematical constants, like log values, PI, etc and can be provided by Math object such as Math.PI, Math.Log2E. There is a long list of methods and expect to receive a number as the argument. If the argument passed in isn’t a number and can’t be converted to one, it will return NaN. You can call the methods provided by Math objects such as abs(), asin(), ceil(), etc to perform various mathematical operations on multiple variables.

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