mAutomate – “Record Once - Test Anywhere!!!”, one of the most powerful, innovative and cost-effective framework for testing mobile apps across diverse handsets, networks, operating system versions, and geographies.

mAutomate is not just a record and execute framework, but effortlessly executes automated tests on remote mobile devices connected to the provider networks without rooting/jailbreaking.

It’s a web based solution to manage your application’s Test cases, Devices, Releases, Versions and Iterations that tests all types of mobile apps including native, hybrid and browser based apps. Here’re a glimpse about mAutomate:

  • In-premise or a cloud enabled solution, choose as you want
  • Rapidly, iteratively and conditionally test across diverse network capabilities and carrier environments
  • Automated script writing, UI driven script editing; integrated with other open source automation solutions
  • Simulate various kinds of third party interruptions to test app behavior and performance extensively
  • Seamlessly integrated with CI tools (Jenkins)
  • Impeccably integrated with defect tracking tools like Bugzilla, HP ALM and JIRA
  • Real time visibility into the test progress and results through mAutomate’s comprehensive Dashboard
  • Key performance metrics about device CPU, memory, battery, responsiveness, transition etc.
  • Inherent rich analytics and reporting system

mAutomate carries out automated testing very efficiently for enterprise, consumer and utility apps over diverse and complex devices, hence reducing time to market and mitigating business risks.

For more information and direct first-hand experience of an awesome mobile test automation tool, take a free mAutomate trial by visiting

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  • Have you tried this tool ? How was your experience ?

    • Yes, I have analyzed various tools and found this one of my use. My requirement was automation of my  Android app and more specific , I want to figure out the screen wise CPU consumption of my application on various  devices. So I found this tool useful it provides me CPU as well as Memory ,Responsiveness  and other important factors . I have gone through with documentation which shows this tool also work for iOS and support all native , hybrid and mobile web application.

      • Thanks Jeet!

      • Hi Jeet,

            Can you please tell us how to get this tool? is it open source?



        • Hi,

          you can get the free trial version from I think it's free for the first year of subscription.

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