• The program that is used to allocate memory to a particular empty block of space in computer memory is known as memory allocation process. In Python, this is achieved in backend using Python Memory Manager.

    Below details can be used for managing memory in Python in any software testing company:

    i. Memory management can be achieved using private heap that consist of Python objects, and including data structures as well.
    ii. The heap memory is managed by interpreter which is accessed by the coders. Python memory manager is responsible for allocating the heap space for Python objects.
    iii. A built-in garbage collector is also available that focus on recycling memory which is unused. In the conditions when the object is not used for a long time in any program, the occupied heap space can then be freed.
    iv. While implementing the garbage collector in code, it can be used to define functions in order to enable or disable memory management as per their requirement.
    gc.enable() and gc.disable() are two methods to enable and disable the garbage collection respectively.
    v. To manage memory while working in functional testing services, one can also use the libraries when possible if you are implementing methods which are already implemented and available as a python library.

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