• Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing framework used to validate web applications and has become an essential part of QA services. Selenium web driver is one if the selenium tools which allows user to use a programming language to create the test scripts. Implicit Wait and Explicit Wait are the waiting mechanisms provided by Selenium Web driver.

    Implicit wait is used when we want the driver to wait for specific amount of time. If the desired element takes some time to present we can use implicit wait to which will make web driver to wait until the element is found.

    Explicit wait is used to make the web driver wait until a specific condition is satisfied. Explicit wait is used in scenarios where user want a particular element to become visible and then continue execution.

    Mixing Implicit and Explicit Wait

    Mixing of Implicit wait and Explicit wait is not recommended, as it will result in unpredictable wait times. The output will also depend upon the timeout defined for both the waits.

    If the Implicit wait and Explicit wait timeout is set same, for say 20 seconds, then both the waits will get activated and will wait for 20 seconds wait time. Explicit wait will keep searching the element until it is found and Implicit wait will make the webdriver to search until the set timeout.

    If the Implicit wait is less than Explicit wait then in this case if the element is not found then the Implicit wait will throw the exception and that will not allow the explicit wait till the defined timeout.

    So it is obvious that Implicit wait can impact the Explicit Wait timeouts. This mixing may not affect the behavior of web driver in case the element is found quickly.

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