• Assertions are used to validate whether the test script is working as expected or not in software testing solutions. Mocha provides built-in Assert class having multiple API that are used in software quality assurance services. Most commonly used API's include: assert.equal(actual, expected[, message]), assert.notEqual(actual, expected[, message]), assert.strictEqual(actual, expected[, message])

    Apart from this, most widely used API for assertion is Chai. It is easy to install: npm install chai

    The basic assertions used with chai library includes:
    a) Should -- To verify that specific condition should be working fine
    var sould = chai.should;'string');
    b) Expect -- expect the specific text to have certain properties
    var expect = chai.expect;

    c) Assert -- To verify whether expected and actual values are same, expected value is true, specific condition matched the expected value
    var assert = chai.assert;
    assert.equal(testText, 'bar');
    assert.lengthOf(test.flavour, 3);

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