• Check out this link you will get an idea about how to automate mobile applications using monkey talk..



    • Hi kalyan,

      Thanks for your reply,

      I have already gone through your blog, and it helped me,

      but any answers for the below questions.

      1. How to verify the toast messages?

      2. When any record number is entered and fetch option is tapped the page navigates and the fetched report  displays, in the fetched report some values are missed, This happens only when script is automated but if we run manually the values are displaying.



      • I didn't face Toast Message. I think Monkey talk doesn't support Toast message..

        and coming to second question could you be elaborate the questions..

        • Thanks for your reply,

          I have solved the second question.

          Kalyan, could you help by providing some sample project scripts of monkey talk apart from the scripts provided in cloudmonkey website.

          Because it will help to customize the scripts what im writing.

This reply was deleted.
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