• Continuous Integration denotes pushing frequent code updates to a shared repository so that a certified build deployment can be done at the end  after validating issues in early stages of development. CI tools are opted for software testing solutions in automating the execution and maintenance of automation test suits by QA Teams.

    Benefits of CI:

    • Increase code coverage
    • Deploy code to production
    • Build faster
    • Don’t break stuff
    • Decrease code review time
    • Run the tests in real world

    Importance of CI:


    1. Continuous commits to master branch optimizes the software development cost by identifying the issues in early stages.
    2. Instead of creating the build manually, CI creates automatic build for each code commit.
    3. Defined set of tests can be automatically executed on the build after the code commit. This ensures the stability of every build.
    4. CI makes it easy to maintain multiple environments and hence a staging environment can be easily deployed to check the integration issues.
    5. The log history is maintained for future references.
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