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We are testing a mobile application in Android where we an buy things by doing online payment.We found out that when we request for the OTP, if we minimize the app, then again the app starts in the home page, so we are not able to put the OTP. According to the developers, we should not minimize the app after online payment is initiated.

Do we have any workaround for the scenario? Can they directly fetch the OTP from SMS and put it ?

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  • Hi All,

    Want to give an update on this.

    This is an application where we can order food (like Swiggy) and pay online. The payment gateway is PayUmoney.

    So, the issue we got was fixed like this :

    The feature is : if the user is checking something in the app and he minimizes it, then he should get the home page after opening the app again.This feature was creating the issue as the developer wrote the same code for all the pages. So when the user wants to read the OTP by minimizing the app, it was coming back to home page.

    Now they changed the code.When user enters the PayUmoney page, if he minimizes the app, it will open the same page (instead of home page). The other parts will work as before.

    This is done for Android. 

    The IOS developer is still struggling, according to him there is 1 way, if PayUmoney page has to open after minimizing the app then the same logic will be applied to all the other pages too. Which means user can not get the updates in other pages (after minimizing & opening app) as no Sync will happen.

    Want to know, if anybody can help in this matter...


  • Hi Puspita,

    Ask your developer to read the SMS from inbox when it is received in the device. This is very much possible. If you know the app Frecharge, you can see that when the OTP is received by the device, it just provides the operation to approve the OTP. You don't even need to enter the OTP. I have tested this in 2 different apps which requires OTP.

    Also if you ask me, if by minimizing the app, I need to restart the flow again, I will better uninstall the app.  User get's irritated when they get some interruption while making any payment.

    • Thanks Anurag, I discussed this solution with them, they will try it.

  • Have a look on this link

    Razorpay - Best Payment Gateway for Online Payments - India
    Payment Gateway for India: Start Accepting Payments Instantly with Razorpay's Free Payment Gateway. Supports Netbanking, Credit, Debit Cards, UPI etc…
    • Thanks Girish for the suggestion...but it is already done using pay you money

  • There is no reply !!!!

    • Interesting Scenario.. Lets see how will give the reply..

      According to my knowledge its a bug. because when we use hdfc or axis bank also we will get OTP but background still application should run. Otherwise the session will be closed.



      • Thanks Kalyan...still this issue going on at our side...Hope to get some replies..

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