• Penetration testing is the practice of testing to identify security vulnerabilities and discover security loopholes in an application by evaluating the system or network with various malicious techniques that an attacker could exploit.

    Any software testing company can run penetration testing to find weak spots in security posture and secure important data from outsiders like hackers. It can also test an organization's security policy, its adherence to compliance requirements, its employees' security awareness and determine whether and how the organization would be subject to security disasters.

    A penetration test is also recognized as the pen test and a penetration tester is also known as an ethical hacker.
    Penetration tests are run whenever an organization adds new network infrastructure or applications, establishes offices in new locations, makes significant upgrades to its applications or infrastructure, applies security patches and modifies end-user policies.

    Penetration testing can be either be automated or performed manually. The process involves collecting information about the target before the test, indicating possible entry points, efforts to break in either virtually or for real and reporting back the findings. Pentest tools can identify security loopholes present in the system by examining data encryption techniques and figuring out hard-coded values.

    Once a penetration test is done, the report reveals a list of all vulnerabilities that were discovered during the test. These reports generated by a penetration test provide the feedback needed for an organization to prioritize the investments it plans to make in its security and suggest the countermeasures that can be taken to decrease the risk of the system being hacked. These reports can also help application developers create more secure apps and network professionals to make recommendations for fixing problems within the network.

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