• First of all perfectomobile is not an emulator, it is a real devices remotely access by the user,it behaves like other saas based applications.This is 100% SaaS-based platform enables users to access real smartphones and tablets, as well as emulators, globally and across carriers.  Easily and securely access the devices under test using your browser without the need for software is cost effective while development, there is another similar product in a market deviceanywhere which is supporting almost all carriers available in europe, perfectomobile is supporting europe as well as asia leading networks,but if u compare with device anywhere,it is having a huge list of device but perfecto has less nuber of device if u compare with deviceanywhere,both are supporting java script for automation as well as integrate with qtp for functional testing, one advantage of perfectomobile is monitering tool that is not present in both the
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    • Thanks for the reply ,as our lead are ready to buy it for our mobile application and this is first project I am working on for mobile.

      I comapre it with other tool and also made device list avilable but I found its very slow for trial version.So I want to know how it perform when we buy it? Is it realy useful rather than android sdk or monkeytalk?

      • If you look in to all the cloud solutions , they would not behave just like your real devices. The reason is they are being accessed from some remote location via some cloud services. These tools take time to response and it also depends on the internet speed you are having.

        Before buying Perfecto Mobile Service, you can try other options as well

        -See Test Private Cloud where there set up the private cloud so that you can access the devices which will be there in your company itself.

        -Device Anywhere is a bit costly than perfecto

        -There is another option called Appurify

        However again whatever option you will not be like a real device as per as speed is concerned

        • Yes Anurag u r right cloud based tools are slow if u compare with real device in your hand and it is not possible to behave cloud tool like a real device, Perfectomobile is fast as compare to device anywhere , The device is connected to the Perfecto Mobile platform through its data ports using data cables. When a user clicks on a device’s key or screen in the web interface, the Perfecto Mobile platform sends a command to the device over its data connection, and the same key on the actual device is pressed. Touch events are executed in a similar way. but in device anywhere directly or remotely fetching the device screen and display to the user. thanks for sharing your view......

          • Thanks for all your support, as if client requirement is for all devices like old ,new and 

            upcoming version of IOS and android then its not possible to test on real devices.

            Also in case if client has 2000 of test cases for regression testing.

            One thing to confirm that is it possible to use any of specific tool for automation with perfectomobile?

            Like selenium with perfectomobile for automation or we can use their own automation tool ? Which one is preferable ?

            • you can integrate qtp/UFT , Selenium and perfecto's own automation IDE which come by default. Also some features can be automated by accessing perfecto API's through  python, vb or java. Best out of this is selenium you can do multi threaded execution , means same/different script can run on multiple devices at same time.

            • I don't think other tools can be used with Perfecto Mobile. Perfecto Mobile is having its own automation capabilities and if  you want to use several devices for automation testing then their own solution should be more feasible and convenient to you.

              • UFT (VB script)add in available for perfectomobile and device anywhere as well as automation capabilities is available supporting javascript. not supporting any open source too;l like selenium.

      • deviceanywhere is fast as compare to perfectomobile, monkeytalk and cloud tools have diff benefits check your requirements if u want to test your app for diff operators as well as diff devices go for cloud based tool but your requirement is do a complete automation functional testing go for monkeytalk

        device anywhere and perfecto mobile u can use mannual as well as automation testing with diiff operators and list of device which u need.

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