• Hi Praveen,

    NEOLOAD is a widely used performance testing tool for measuring mobile application performance and load stress capacity. It will ensure your application performance in peak traffic and extreme stress conditions. You can find more details by clicking this  link.

    You can also get more information about other tools at "Performance Testing Services". It provides a quick understanding for the performance testing usage patterns.


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  • HI Praveen,

    May be this is the old topic raised but just saw some activity and thought to reply. Performance of Mobile Apps is still a big concern for developers and still there is lots of confusion on this topics among many testers.There are some tools available in market which can help you verify the performance of the mobile application. Manual method of performance verification is alright but it will never give you clear insight of the problem. Some of the ways I have heard people doing Mobile App performance testing as :

    -they check the screen loading time by manually verifying time by manually noting down time

    -runs many application at a time

    -Use of application for longer duration

    Though these are helpful manual tricks, it would hardly help developer to drill down the problem. 
    Here are few things comes to my mind when I think of Mobile App Performance Testing:

    -Mobile App Network Performance (Efficient use of signals,wake-locks,caching, data exchange over network)

    -Mobile App Performance(Image rendering Capabilities, Finding out memory leaks,holding context objects etc.)

    -Power Consumption (Battery,CPU Usage etc.)

    --Mobile App Stress Test (Using app when less resources available, Random key event generation)

    -Performance across various network types like 2G,3G,4G,Wi-Fi (e.g. 4G>3G>WI-FI>2G i.e. 4G Consumes max power,than 3G and others, while Wi-fi is faster still consumes less power than 3G and 4G. How your app behaves)

    Some good tools that will help you analyze can be :

    -AT & T ARO

    -Little Eye

    -Qualcomm Trepn Profiler

    -Memory Analyzer (MAT)

    -Monkey Tool (For stress Test)

    -Battery Doctor

    -Fill Memory Lite

    -X-Code Instruments


    Performance Testing for Mobile Apps in itself is a bigger topic and needs some research around this topic to come up with performance observations and probable solution for the same.

  • Hi all, Performance in mobile is of at most important.But performance manually been tested is like crucial part.Considering any mobile device say ios device, how each screen is opened or navigate we should be considering the seconds of time i;e how much time each screen may take to load.In our test case we should consider some particular time for launching an app or navigating between screens.Then test whether the app launches or opens the screen within that set time.App launching or switching between screen should always be in milliseconds.

  • In the mobile world, performance is everything. The mobile applications has rich user experience and works across multiple mobile platforms with seamless enterprise integration. These solutions are flexible, adaptable and targeted to maximize business efficiency while reducing integration expenses.

  • I have manually done performance test in one of my recent projects. In this we considered 2 parameters Data usage of the application and time taken to serve the server requests.
    I haven't used any automation tool. If anyone have used any automation tool for testing performance on mobile please share. Also please tell us about how to work on that particular tool.
    • Can u provide testcases for performance ?

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