• The different pop-up boxes available in Javascript while working in web application testing services are:
    1. Alert Box
    2. Prompt Box
    3. Confirm Box

    1. Alert Box: Alert boxes are used to show some warning messages to the users. Generally, there are 02 options shown when the alert box is prompted: 'Ok' and 'Proceed'.
    Syntax used for declaring alert pop-up is:
    alert("Dummy alert pop-up text");

    2. Prompt Box: Prompt box is used for fetching some details from the user so that it can proceed with the next step. There are 02 options shown on this pop-up: 'Ok' and 'Cancel'.
    Syntax for prompt pop-up is:
    prompt("Dummy Prompt pup-up text");

    3. Confirm Box: Confirm box is generally used to get permission from the user before moving to the next step.  There are 02 options shown on this pop-up: 'Ok' and 'Cancel'.
    Syntax for confirm pop-up is:
    confirm("Dummy confirm pop-up text");

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