• Project monitoring is a vital part of project management process and should be added into regular practice by offshore software testing company to avoid any kind of potential risk. This process involves tracking all the metrics related to project, team’s performance, potential issues identification and corrective actions.

    Below are the parameters to consider while implementing Project Monitoring:
    - Project manager should plan monitoring of Cost, effort, timelines during the project using metrics.
    - Monitoring Assurances and Accomplishments: Tracking the commitments done with multiple project stakeholders., peers, vendors and customers.
    - Data management tracking: Al the information regarding Data, Software and hardware should be maintained and documented appropriately.
    - Promote learning: It will help to enhance and implement various approaches to get better and efficient outcomes.
    - Involve Stakeholders: Share regular status reports of accomplishments and schedule meetings to understand if there is any gap between expectations and accomplishments.
    - Analysis and corrective Actions: Project Managers should get control over the project until the processes and progress are stabilized or under control. Showcase the corrective actions taken to resolve the issues or meet the expectations.

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