• In software testing services company, Python is trending language preferred by Development as well test automation teams nowadays. In Python, forms can be created by importing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) module for accessing form fields with the use of FieldStorage class:

    Below are the attributes of FieldStorage class: The name of the field.

    form.disposition: 'content-disposition'; if specified. Otherwise, None.

    form.disposition_options: Options for 'content disposition'.

    form.headers: Returns directory for HTTP headers .

    form.filename: If FTP transaction, the client side filename need to be provided.

    form.file: file object from which data is to be read.

    form.type: If applicable, then provide type of content.

    form.type_options: The options for HTTP request will be returned as directory as per the 'content-type' line.

    form.value: The string value of the field.

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