• Earlier, engineering team used to depend upon quality assurance team for quality check of the product before releasing it to deployment in waterfall models.
    These day, Agile/DevOps has taken over the waterfall methodology of development. In recent software development approaches, quality is engineered such a way that the entire process of testing is taking place side by side to development of product. This architecture is also promoting  the continuous deployment, minor releases on the product and  also focusing on some specific outcomes in release.

    Also, Product automation has become a core strength of quality assurance and engineering as well. This is allowing component based testing of product once a code is merged to product. The test results provide a platform to team to think for the challenges and the solutions which are revoking to merge the code to production environment. In Agile/DevOps methodology, most of the tasks like functionality and usability testing with respect to API integration and deployment tests is automated. With all theses changes followed in the recent frameworks, the delivery and support on the product is changed. Now, software updates are moving into production at fast pace.
    Therefore, in the nutshell, IT industry is shifting to follow QE strategies for development and releases of software.The working pattern for quality assurance engineer is moving more towards the quality engineering in
    software testing companies. Quality engineering is involved to maintain quality of software delivered to end users. Therefore, time required the shift of QA towards engineering more in order to get better test results, analysis process and deliver quality software in the market.

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