• Crash and Force Close are always on the top. No other bug can replace it...:)

    I had got an interesting bug in a photo editor application, AUT was basically crashing only. 

    Few lines about the defect: I was working on Photo Editor application and we are able to take pics too with the AUT. If we are taking photo's through camera three times simultaneously without re-launching the AUT or playing around the AUT in between then while taking photo for the fourth time AUT Crashes.

    To replicate the bug it nearly took around 3 hours, my patience and dedication also made it my favorite one.:) 

  • App Crash :

    When i  tried to launch the app. in non-network area (no Wifi or 3G data plan), it got crashed...

  • 1) One of the strange bug i found on My ipad app is on launching the app was changing/decreasing the
    brightness of the iPad. I had to manually increase the brightness to view the app.

    and the bug which i found common in Android , iphone & windows8 while testing  "Costamesa" app is

    2) while capturing image from landscape mode images were getting rotated by 90 degrees & submitting the rotated  image to server .App functionality was to capture image & submit it by writing some comments.

     3) On every alternative launch of a camera from application, it was covering the camera view with "green color" screen/display due to which we were not able to capture images, & proceed  with further app functionality   this was a blocker issue.

  • Crash.. and Android Textbox alignment ans scrolling issues... :P

  • 1. I was testing Web module of an application. Everything worked well on my Android device, so i uninstalled the app. Later on when i was browsing on internet on the same device, I found out that the websites added in my application were still getting blocked. 

    2. Our app made contacts disappeared from Android phonebook .

    3. Device restart.

    4. Force Close and App crash on BB

  • App crashing is my favorite bug from iOS and Force close in Android side.

    scrolling issues. From Android device, app is crashed and immediate app was opened, when I scan the bar code. this is one of my favorite but.

  • This question scorched the brain.... :) Definitely app crashing is favorite bug of all mobile app QA's but I mention my another favourite blocker bug I found in my current project: 

    I'm currently working on Iphone application having video contents.So during video is running if I click on home button of device it stop the video sound and on agin launch the app from home page of device ,it display black screen in application.So this is blocker bug of my app.

    The correct flow is , During video is running if i click on home button the sound should not be off and on again launch the application it should continue from same point where it is.


    • Yes u r right tiwari, from my side also faced so many times this types of issues like blank screen.

  • Force close in android and Memory Leaks crashes in iphone

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