• RPA is an acronym of ‘Robotic Process Automation’

    Robot is an entity, which is capable of being programmed by computer for doing complex tasks. The process means a sequence of steps, which lead to accomplishment of respective task.
    Whereas automation means without human intervention.
    Generally, the purpose of RPA is to imitate the task of human. This task could be queries, calculations, or maintenance of any data for record purpose and importantly related to any transaction.

    RPA allows automating the tasks and executing it with the help of system as humans used to do it for organizations across application.
    These days, different software bots developed to interact with websites and portals.

    Categories: RPA technologies is categorize into three parts:
    - Probots: which follow pre-defined rule to get the task done.
    - Knownbots: which research for data and share user specified data.
    - ChatBots: which act to real time queries in real time.

    Why RPA is required in Market:

    RPA tracked in early 2000’s but has been developed through the years. In today’s era, RPA is playing significant role in almost every domain and growing rapidly in software testing solutions.
    For example: Healthcare domain to handle patient records, appointments and billing process etc. Similarly different task are accomplishment in finance domain, Accounting, Customer services and Supply Chain management. However, RPA meant to decrease the burden of human force not to replace human intervention. RPA is good to follow the automated instructions but human are capable to think out of the box. Humans can think of something new, which machines cannot.

    Popular vendors for RPA:  Below are popular Vendors, for RPA.
      - UIPath
      - blueprism
      - Automation Anywhere
      - Kryon RPA

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