• The JavaScript screen object returns information of browser screen. JS Screen Object is the global JS object in the browser Environment. This object has no programmatic use. For any web browser, screen objects in JavaScript use purely to get information about the client's screen capabilities. The screen is a small information object about physical screen dimensions and there are many properties of screen object that returns information such as width, height, color-depth, pixel depth etc. Screen Orientation is a non-standard property of the screen object.
    Software testing company can use the special screen objects for inspecting properties of the screen on which the current window is being rendered.

    The Window property 'screen' returns a reference to the screen object corresponding with the window. Properties of the window.screen object can be retrieved without specifying the 'window.' prefix, for example, 'screen.width' is used instead of 'window.screen.width'. Hence the general form to access the screen object property: "screen.propertyname". The information is gathered by site tracking tools that measure the capabilities of the client but have no effect on the functionality.

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