• In software testing company, Simulators and Emulators plays an important role as they are used to test certain things. The detailed description and difference between both is listed below.


    1. a) Simulation is copying something into a virtual environment from real life and the software that completes the process is called simulator.

    For example: Flight Simulator and War games etc.

    1. b) High level languages are used to write simulators
    2. c) It could be difficult to debug with simulators
    3. d) It is partial re-implementation of original software
    4. e) It helps to avoid risks that comes in real life



    1. a) Emulators copy something exactly as it does exists on real life or world.

    For Example: Android Studio Emulator

    1. b) Machine level assembly language is used to write emulators
    2. c) Debugging is easy with emulators
    3. d) It is a complete re-implementation of the original software
    4. e) It helps to use a system as some other system
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