• Software program that allows the mobile device to mimic the features of another mobile/computer software is called Emulator.

    A software that allows computer to run certain programs for a different operating system is called Simulator. Mostly used for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad as Android devices can easily be emulated.

    Simulators and Emulators are most often used in mobile application testing services. Although, they both are virtual testing devices, yet they differ from each other in many ways. Few are discussed below:

    1) The targeted areas are mobile device hardware, software and OS
    2) They are provided by device manufacturers
    3) They are written in Machine level assembly language
    4) These are more compatible for debugging
    5) Slow in performance due to binary translations
    Example: Android SDK

    1) Internal behavior of mobile device is their targeted area
    2) These are provided by the device manufacturers as well as by other companies
    3) These are written in high level language
    4) These are not much compatible for debugging
    5) These are faster due to no binary translation
    Example: iOS Simulator

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