• Spike Testing:
    It is performance testing type used to test software program packages with excessive increments and decrements in load. The principle reason of spike testing is to assess the behavior of software packages under surprising increment or decrement in consumer load and determine restoration time after a spike of user load.


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    Goal of Spike Testing:

    • To check how the system responds to unexpected rise and fall of the sudden user load.
    • To determine the recovery time is as low as possible after system got stabilize. It is preferred to opt for software testing services company to test them efficiently.

    Tools used for Spike Testing : Jmeter and LoadRunner.

    Endurance Testing:

    Endurance testing is a type of non-functional software testing where a software is tested to evaluate the behavior of software application under sustained use. The main purpose is to ensure that the application is capable enough to handle extended load without any delay of response time. Endurance testing is a long process and occasionally lasts for even up to a year. This may consist of applying external loads such as Internet traffic or user actions.

    Below things are tested in this type of Testing :

    - To Check memory leakage
    - To check connection closure among the layer of the System
    - To check database connection closed successfully
    - To check response time

    For Example : The most complicated issues – unresponsive system, memory leaks, database server usage take place when software runs for an prolonged time period. Chances of detecting such defects prior to deployment are low if we skip the endurance tests.

    Tools used for Endurance Testing:  WebLOAD, LoadComplete, Apache Jmeter, LoadRunner, Appvance, LoadUI.



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