• In Agile software development methodology, iterative and incremental approach is followed for building and delivering a product having highest business values. Scrum is one of the popular agile framework, which mainly focuses on the iterative approach delivering the builds to customer every two or three weeks. These fixed length iterations are known as Sprints.

    At the start of each sprint there is Sprint planning meeting to review the backlog items for both engineering team and qa services requirement and plan the items for next sprint.

     Differences between Sprint Planning and Sprint retrospection meeting:

     Sprint planning is done at the start of Sprint whereas Sprint retrospection is done at the end of Sprint.

     Sprint Planning is focused on setting the objective, which should be, achieved however, Sprint Retrospective meeting is focused on the process and continuous process improvement.

     The purpose of Sprint planning is to identify the product backlog and picking the high priority items as per the project capacity. On the other hand, Sprint retrospection meeting identifies what went well and what needs to be improved.

    The output of Sprint planning will be Sprint backlog and a plan to achieve items that are selected for current sprint. The output of Sprint retrospective meeting will be an improvement plan, which will be followed in the coming sprints.

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