• Everysoftware testing company is following Agile nowadays and sprint reports are created to evaluate the overall sprint performance. These reports eases the evaluation of progress on the work and the tasks which are moved to backlog.

    These reports helps to understand the project scope and evaluate if it is moving towards project creep. Below are the key elements of sprint release report:


    • Start and End date of the sprint.
    • Team member details along with number of days each one participated in the Sprint and their overall effort.
    • Sprint Achievements.
    • Burn down chart to showcase the progress, it should include the addressed items showing their “Status”, “Estimated Hours and “Hours Spent”.
    • Backlog Tickets and their estimates – includes stories , defects, tasks and sub-tasks
    • Details of items addressed in the Sprint.
    • Items removed from the Sprint.

    Agile project management tools like ActiveCollab, Agilo for Scrum, etc. allows to automatically create the Sprint reports.

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