• Static Website : It displays the same content to all users. Applications are written in HTML and CSS only. Hyperlinks are only interactive part in static website .It is not required to have knowledge of any programming language or database to create static website.

    Dynamic Website : It displays different content and provides user interaction. It is written by using advanced programming ,databases along with HTML and CSS.

    Here are few differences between Static and Dynamic website :
    1)Static websites are simple in structure so easier to develop.
    However Dynamic website development takes time to create it ,manage it and then maintain security of application and database .In addition, Dynamic website also requires qa testing as a service after application development.

    2) In comparison to Static websites, Dynamic sites delays to load because of more processing time.

    3) Dynamic website content can be changed on runtime, however static website content is fixed.

    4) Dynamic websites are easy to upgrade as compare to Static websites


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