• Tableau is one of the best data visualization tool and summarize large volume of data very quickly in pictorial form.
    To understand visual content is always better than content presented only as text which is also known as picture superiority effect.

    Why we use Tableau
    The most import reason is data can be processed easily and help people to see insights of data. It organizes, manages the data which makes it extremely easy for other users to understand it.


    1) An interactive and beautiful dashboard can be created through Tableau. Data is assembled as a Story which in turn is a great way to explain your data in systematic form.
    2) Tableau provides option to share data in form of visualization, sheets, dashboard easily and securely
    3) Tableau can access data through Excel files, txt file, statistical files, data warehouse, relational and non relational databases, Big data and many more. We can easily establish a secure connection to data sources using Tableau and create pictorial view of data in form of visualization.
    4)Tableau provides an additional feature to establish live connection with database and do automatic extract refreshes.
    To business users Visualization is the most important layer .Therefore Data testing which is one of the software testing services plays a vital role. Queries can be written at database level and can be compared with data represented on dashboards.

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