• QTP, QuickTest Professional, is a product designed by Mercury Interactive and then acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP) and now by MicroFocus. It assists testers to perform automated functional testing. It helps in identifying the gaps between the actual and desired behaviors of the application under test. QTP uses VBScript for the automation of application.

    Here is the list of features and technologies supported by the latest version of QTP:

    • Features:

    o   It provides both record and playback features.

    o   It can be used for both desktop and web based applications.

    o   It supports add-ins like SAP, NET, Web Forms, Oracle, People soft and Java.

    • Operating System and Browser:

    o   It supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1

    o   Supports leading browsers like Chrome Safari and IE.

    • Supported GUI technologies:

    o   Web, Java, Siebel, Delphi, .Net, PowerBuilder, SAP and PeopleSoft

    • Newly Supported Technologies:

    o   JDK 1.8 and XenDesktop 7

    QTP/UFT is one of the simplified software testing solutions, which not only accelerates the end-to-end testing but also provide the feature of parallel testing on web and mobile.


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