• Test Closure activities is a report prepared post release. It is a vital part of STLC in any QA software testing company as it helps in determining aftermath of the processes and the end result of the QA testing services.

    Below are the tasks involved in Test Closure activities in software testing services company:
    1. Determining Test completion: Herein, it is determined whether testing has been completed as planned and successfully delivered. Open issues are deferred or acknowledged.
    2. Conveying the test objects:  This involves handing over test objects to the concerned people for future reference . For example, known issues or testwares are transferred to maintenance team or quality assurance outsourcing team.
    3. Discussions on the processes followed: This step assesses the effectiveness of the processes to ensure elimination of any shortcomings for future releases , therefore, helps in learning from previous mistakes. 
    4. Archiving Testing work: Archiving the test work and documents such as test plans, test cases, test execution reports and linking it with correct product version.

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