• Software testing metric is quantitative measurement of test progress, productivity and quality of the system. It gives insights about the capacity, dimension or size of some process/product attribute.

    A good test metric should always be easy to measure and should be correlated with the business performance.

    Types of Software test metrics:

    1. Process Metrics: To calculate the efficiency of process
    2. Product Metrics: To measure the quality of product
    3. Project Metrics: To measure the efficiency of project

    A typical software test metric would have the following information:

    1. Number of requirements
    2. Test cases written per requirement
    3. Number of test cases left to be written
    4. Total number of test cases
    5. Total number of test cases executed
    6. Total number of test cases passed
    7. Total number of test cases failed
    8. Total number of test cases blocked
    9. Number of defects found – Critical/High/Medium/Low

    The above data will help in getting the information related to percentage of work completed and percentage of work left for a particular project.

    Test metrics helps in taking the decisions about the schedule of the project and if the project is going to take more time then manager can raise an alarm to all the stakeholders.

    In software quality assurance company, test metrics are very important in generating the daily/weekly or monthly reports and help in tracking the quality of a software.

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