• More the changes introduced to any application, better the application is getting. With the span of time, many test cases get redundant in existing test suites which are simply of no use either due to design changes or feature archived from the application/product. These redundant test cases increases only the testing efforts and cost.
    It is significant to reduce the test cases from test suites and optimized it timely so that only appropriate and demanded time is spent on execution of test suites for quality assurance services of the product.
    Below are the two major ways to optimize the test suite:
    1. Manual efforts:
    Create the test suite initially by distributing the functionality into three categories: reusable test cases, re-testable test cases and archive test cases. This can give a better vision to tester and effectiveness to test suites. Keep a track mechanism on features that are developed/changed for any release for better testing coverage in future. Periodic clean up of test suites increases the robustness of test suites.
    2. Using Artificial Intelligence:
    Implementation of AI in automation gives better test coverage. AI helps in identifying minimum number of test cases which are sufficient to test a use case using AI algorithms. AI tools gives good fingerprints of test results and help in debugging too. It saves the time to re-identify the locators strategy in case the existing locators are changed by engineering team. AI helps to get rid of test flakiness. AI algorithms running in background provides self healing mechanism to automated scripts. Many automation tools like Testim helps in writing self healing scripts which is optimizing the test suites.

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