Tester Designations

Hi all,

Designations for a tester in general

1. Associate QA Engineer
2. QA Engineer
3. Senior QA Engineer
4. Associate QA Lead
5. QA Lead
6. Senior Lead
7. Associate Manager
8. Manager
9. Senior Manager
10. Director

its upto my knowledge, if any corrections could u pls share your info.

Designations differs in many companies?

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  • I'm working in Patni Computer System, here we have as like this:

    - V & V Engineer

    - Software Engineer (ITQA- V&V)

    - Sr. Software Engineer (ITQA- V&V)

    - Software Specialist (ITQA- V&V)

    - Sr. Software Specialist

    - Test Lead

  • Thanks Damodar..

    It will helpful to create road map to reach Director 



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