• There is no absolute rule. But estimation is based on developers and their code quality. Code quality can be lacking, then you need to add extra time compared to what you would’ve had otherwise. Try to think of how many hours you feel comfortable with testing the app in a week, then compare that with the time you’re aiming for (2 weeks? 4 sprints? Three months? Half a year? etc) and add it all up for X hours in the end.

    This kind of estimation goes for all projects though, not just apps. But in the end, the estimation will always be a “guesstimation” because they rarely end up to be exactly what you guessed from the start.

    Also, always add some extra time to your estimations. So if you think you’ll spend 80 hours on testing for a short project, add 20 for 100 hours. You rarely get the exact amount of hours you ask for, there’s a risk you get less. A “minimum of X hours” and an “ideally/maximum of Y hours” is always good to have in the back of your head.

  • Few more :

    1.) Check with different networks -- WiFi and 3G,4G .also field and flight based(if needed). 2.) Check Installation -- Install the application being tested. 3.) Check Application start/stop behavior -- Start the application by selecting the icon or following the steps outlined in the submission statement 4.)Check if No disruption to voice calls -- With the application installed and running use a second phone to call the test device. 5.)Check if No disruption to text messages -- With the application installed and running, send a text message to the test device. 6.) Check for Auto-start behavior -- With the application running, find the settings for the application — either within the application itself or from the settings option on the device. 7.) Check for Multitasking -- No disruption to key device applications 8.) Check for navigations, tabs,page scrolling etc.. 9.) Check for social networking options such as sharing ,posting and links etc.. 10.) Memory testing -- check the memory by filling and emptying it ,then compare the application with it. 11.) Check if any payment gateway occurs like paypal,chargify etc... 12.) Check uninstall of apps -- The application must be uninstalled without error.

    • Thanks arun for your reply...actually my research proposal is on testing estimation of mobile app...n i have visited many mobile development n testing companies to enquire what model or technique they follow for testing estimation...all said they work on experience base n donot follow any literature however there are many mdels or techniques to estimate testing for desktop or web apps but none is available for mobile i guess industry n literature is totally differently working..i was looking for any literature published in this area which i might have not yet found..the points that you have mentioned are worth to note to form my baselines...thanks alot..i appreciate your help

  • You can estimate based on the below things:

    1.) Testing methodology - Agile or waterfall or Fast waterfall.

    2.) Functionality covered - Main core functionalities in mobile app should be covered and test scripts should be derived.

    3.) Things to be tested and not to be tested(Scope)

    4.) Mobile OS compatibility - IOS(latest 1 or 2 versions), Android(latest 1 or 2 versions) etcc.

    5.) Device compatibility - latest IOS devices including Ipad, Different Android devices, BB devices

    6.) Testing in Simulator/Emulator if necessary

    7.) Test cases should be classified as  : functional core cases, design UI cases, network cases etcc...

    Also refer below URL for additional items. Hope this all points will help you in estimation.

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