• INSTRUMENTS is the answer for your question.

    INSTRUMENTS is inbuilt feature in xcode. By using you can automate the iphone application.

    It also provide feature to test the Memory Leak and Crashing issues.

    I have tested the Memory Leak using Instruments.

  • Sukesh,

    Can anyone say how to test memory leaks in iphone apps?

    Instruments. (one of the best)

    How should the app response during memory leaks?

    App will not show any sort of behaviour as long as you have active network connection. You can see some of the data assigned or call to viewElements will be lost.

    What should be the expected result?

    you will loose substantial amount of app data that been accessed through HTTP or JSON requests or saved with in the app. (there is a possibility of memory leaks if you using SQLite to save app data)

    Is there any testing tool available?

    Instruments is best known tool to spot memory leaks for iphone app.

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