• Top software testing companies always create a checklist of testing techniques to be followed while testing any website or webpage. This checklist includes following testing techniques:

    1. Functionality Testing:Test all the available components on web pages like following:
      • Links (Internal, External, Mail, Broken etc.)
      • Forms (validations, optional/mandatory fields etc.)
    2. Usability testing:
      • Easy to learn
      • Navigation

      • UI (general appearance)
      • As per user requirements
    3. Interface testing:
      • Server-side interface should be tested carefully
      • Compatibility of server with database, network, hardware, software should be tested
    4. Compatibility testing:
      • OS/Browser compatibility
      • Support on Mobile Devices (iOS/Android/Windows)
    5. Performance testing: This technique should be included to check the response/performance of webpage/website. Following testing types should be included in this:
      • Load Testing
      • Stress Testing
    6. Security testing:This technique is important to ensure the security of website and following actions should be performed:
      • Captcha
      • Invalid Inputs
      • SSL certificates
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