• Objects that contains the details or information of screen of visitor is called screen object. Few properties of Screen Object are listed below:

    a) width: It returns screen's total width
    b) height: It returns screen's total height
    c) availWidth: It returns screen's width excluding taskbar of windows
    d) availHeight: It returns screen's height excluding taskbar of windows
    e) pixelDepth: It returns screen's color resolution
    f) colorDepth: It returns color palette's bit depth for image display
    g) top: It returns the pixel distance from top of screen
    h) left: It returns the pixel distance from main screen's left to current screen's left
    i) availLeft: It returns the first available pixel from screen's left side
    j) orientation: It returns the instance of ScreenOrientation that is associated with screen

    Screen objects are supported by all major browsers in web application testing services.

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