• Codeless automation testing is a structured model where functional testers create reusable automated scripts.

    In the background, the available tools for Codeless automation provide an abstraction layer to users, where user actions are translated to testing scripts, which are in result driving automation tests. The good graphics of this abstraction layer make it manageable and easier to understand quality assurance services. Therefore, even when a functional tester who is not having hands-on experience at writing code, can utilize Codeless automation testing tools to run the test scripts. However, the available tools in market, which target to meet the objective of Codeless automation testing, are not perfectly accurate but provide very close results to actual results.
    Below are the popular tools in the market for Codeless automation testing:

    1. Testing Whiz:
      One of the popular tools for Software, web, Mobile, Database, Cloud, Web services and API Testing. It is also combined with AI to take automation testing to the next level.
    2. Test Craft:
      It is Selenium-based automation platform for monitoring web applications and for doing regression and continuous testing. AI Smart binding in Test Craft helps to cut off maintenance time and automatically fix most of the changes that are introduced in the app.
    3. End Test:
      It is a tool based on Cloud platform to create, run and automate the tests without writing code. End Test is powered by machine learning.
    4. Testim:
      It uses machine learning to the author, execute and maintain the test cases with focus on functional and end to end testing. This is not a completely codeless tool, knowledge of JavaScript and HTML would be required to write the scripting logic.
    5. Sikuli:
      This is Python-based automation tool in which an image recognition algorithm selects GUI elements. Knowledge of Python is required to write more code in it.
    6. Appvance: This tool is based on AI to generate the test results. It validates the results without writing any scripts.
    7. SeeTest: This allows running tests on mobile and web apps. The same script can be used at different OS with minor changes. It possesses the functionalities that are required for automation. It supports both type of recognition: Image-based and Object-based.
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