• DevOps is a software development process, which promotes closer collaboration between development and operations. The core concept of DevOps is to bring in continuous integration and delivery. It functions throughout the software development cycle starting from product development to support.

    Top DevOps tools:

    1. GIT: It is free and open source version control system, which is lightning fast and efficient. It enables faster release cycles and has the feature to create separate branches. It is a flexible tool and suitable for small and large projects. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook are already using GIT.
    2. Jenkins: It is the leading open source continuous integration server. It increases automation by providing huge plugin system to support automation of complete build cycle. Developers can use its features to automatically commit code and run tests. It is Java based and provide support for continuous integration and delivery.
    3. Docker: It is a lightweighttool, which allows DevOps teams to securely package the application and its dependencies into a single container. It enhances the security by isolating the applications in the containers.
    4. Nagios: It is free and open source monitoring tool, which is very useful in tracking and resolving the IT infrastructure problems. It monitors components like applications, servers and provide alerts to the user for any issues at the back-end.
    5. Puppet: It is an open source configuration management tool to manage the infrastructure. It provides real time reports and supports role based access system.
    6. Ansible: It is also an open source tool, which provides the simplest way for automating the entire application life-cycle. It is primarily used to configure IT infrastructures and manage complex deployments.

    With the increasing expectations, about the product quality, in the market the concept of DevOps is emerging very fast. The latest applications need real-time changes thus making the quality assurance services a key component in DevOps approach. The core ideology of DevOps is to merger development and operations and make the overall process more collaborative as it enables team to continuously develop, upgrade and deliver.

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