Mobile wireless Technologies and network strength.

I have listed below "sim networks strength", want to confirm following three things.
1.what is the so-called name for all ? i have written for few of them rest i don't know. we have any other other network strength in case of sim network ?
3.Any dependency in case of Android/ios/Windows phone/BB/Symbian, or it remains same ?
1xrtt =>
cdma =>
edge => 2G
ehrpd =>
evdo_0 =>
evdo_a =>
evdo_b =>
gprs => 2G
hsdpa => 3G
hspa => 3G
hspap =>
hsupa => 3G
iden =>
lte => 4G
umts => 3g

Please correct me if i am wrong and share your ideas on it whenever you have time.


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  • All symbols:

    G : GPRS

    3G: 3G

    E : EDGE

    4G : 4G

    H : HSPDA

    1x : RTT

    DO : EVDO

    DV : EVDV


  • HSDPA= High Speed Downlink Packet Access

    It is a type of wire less network like HSPA and it comes under 3G or advance may be 3.5G probably i am not 100% sure.

  • Great discussion guy...and please let me know what is HSDPA???

  • Very nice and informative discussion.


    See below links for information:

    Also have a look at:

    if you compare the data rates of India and Australia, you will see that there is an astonishing difference in the speeds. So, maybe they cal it HSPA while it is not actually HSPA equivalent.

  • Hi Rizwan... i am not sure about why it shows H when the network doesn't support....but i read somewhere that the speed etc depend on network provider and may vary...

    i will find out more on this and come back...

  • Thanks Ruma,

    I also have Galaxy Phone and 3G supported SIM and i can see it keeps on changing 3G,E,H and you said H means enhanced 3G or 3.5G

    I have a question here , may be silly question.

    If we have network available only upto 3G then how my device will show the enhanced 3G/3.5G/HSPA ?

  • HI Divya,

    I have got Samsung Galaxy SII and 3G SIM. I see H most of the times which refers to HSPA or enhanced 3G. Your phone tries to give you best available service, hence tries to use HSPA (3.5G).

    When the H signal strength is weak, it flickers to 3G.

    All HPones have Mobile Network options in settings. My phone has got network mode set as GSM/WCDMA which is 3G. But here 2G is not used, so I am always using 3G.

    If you see E, you are using EDGE. O menas not even Edge which is 2G or GPRS ( in iPhone it is shown as O and on Android as G). I can see that on my phone when like I am in a tunnel in train :)


    iPhones do not show H, i think, they only show 3G.


    Some Phones have option to turn HSPA off and keep only 3G enabled.


  • Good  info Ruma.

    My device display only "G" when 3G sim inserted, dont know here we have 3G coverage or not. Is it taking edge or 3G?

    My personal phone has 3G support, but I have 2G SIM, still it shows 3G sometimes :)

  • Welcome Rizwan.... happy that I could help....I hardly get to use communication knowledge these days :)

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