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  • Yeah you are right, I should quit to be brandoholic as Android provide more in less price, thanks Ruma.

  • Hi Karan,

    iOS needs ipa file.

    For iOS and Android , it is not necessary that the coding is different everytime.... You can build a hybrid app using HTML, CSS and JS, just wrap it in OS specific wrappers and use it on different OS's.


    AS For iPad Mini, don;t you find it a bit more pricey for such a small screen. Did you have a look at similar Android tablets.

    Or if it's only about buying apple product.... then its different...

  • Wow, I never thought that so many type of application are available, but I want to know what the main difference between android apps and iPhone as they use same apps with different coding, android supports apk files and I don't know about iPhone apps. I am in process to buy Apple iPad Mini Wifi Cellular 64GB, is it a right choice?

  • As of my knowledge these are the Types of apps:

    1.Rich Client(native app)

    2.Thin Client


    4.SPA (Single page application)


    There are 2 different Category  of apps apart from gamming.

    1.B2C - Business to customers

    2.B2E- Business to enterprise 

    In B2C applications like :

    Healthcare, Hospitality, Utilities, Retails Brokerage, Automotive, Retail Banking, Private banking, Retail Insurance, Media and entertainment , Retails ETC.

    In B2E application like:

    Field services, HR, CRM, Insurance agent, Supply chain management, Financial adviser, Commercial banking ETC.

    Correct me if am wrong.

  • Well i think, all stuffs already discussed here. I have summarized the stuffs; if you need a clear vision on this then you can refer this link (Click here)

  • GPS Enabled Apps

    Social Networking Apps

    Messaging Apps

    Camera Enabled Apps

    Native Apps

    Server Side Apps

    Gaming Apps

    Mobile Websites

    Enterprise Apps

    M-commerce Apps

    Augmented Reality

  • superb description by kishore, thanks kishore.

  • Thank you Neha and Kishore.

  • @Kishore >> What about few gaming apps in which you can play alone(single player) and on demand you goes online to play with another player(multi-player). And few medical apps also where you are keeping track record of your health related issues and on demand you are sharing with doctor or friend. Another type of such app is Expense Manager. You are going to keep it under which category?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Devraj Kanti

    Kishore said:

    Just to elaborate Siddique's answer..

    Native Apps- Which can be installed in  the devices and the app does not need any data transfer to the server. With out network these apps work in the device. The data about the app will be stored in the device itself. Example Gaming applications. Here the device memory and configuration is very important as the app completely dependent on this.

    Client Server apps- The can be called Semi native apps. Here the app can be installed in the device. But the with out a network it cannot be launched. Because It gets the data from the server. With out the data the app will not proceed further. Example Commercial apps like Banking app. Here you basically can see the form UI but the all the data comes from the server. So the device memory is partially dependent just to install the app as the data comes from the server for every service call.

    Mobile Web applications.-- The can be called as Mobile browser apps as these are not installed in the device. these can be accessed using the mobile browser by hitting the url of the web. Here the device memory size is not all important as neither of the from or the app data is stored in the device. It is completely dependent on the quality of  the browser. Every thing comes from the server and rendered in the browser when you hit the url.

  • Yes

    Sandeep Fofandi said:

    @Neha... all  these are types of Mobile application????

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