• The testing is performed by software testing solutions to ensure that the developed product fulfils the acceptance criterion. Below are the major types of testing performed:


    Unit Testing: It is performed during the development phase of an application to ensure that the each set of code or each module is working as per expectation. In this testing each developed module/ unit or function is tested individually in isolation with the existing code. This is a part of White box testing technique which is performed by developers to avoid higher defect fixing costs. This is performed by testers only on demanded where developers are short of bandwidth  to do the same.


    Sanity Testing: Sanity test is performed to check that the proposed changes are correctly implemented in application. These tests ensure that the bug fixes are implemented correctly and fixes do not impact existing features. The purpose is not to do in-depth testing but should verify that all the application areas are working fine.


    Smoke Testing: It ensures that all the critical features of application are working fine. These tests are documented in a way to check the end-to-end functioning of product without performing any rigorous testing . Smoke testing provides acceptance or rejection to a build.


    Usability Testing: Usability testing is performed by the end users or the customers wherein they share their feedback regarding the software. This testing technique is opted to ensure that the application is user friendly, understandable and easy to operate.

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