• Usability testing is type of testing in which product is tested by the end-users to find out the usability defects.

    This testing mainly focuses on checking whether the software meets its desired objectives and to find how user friendly it is. This testing help in the identification of usability error earlier in the stages of SDLC.

    Usability testing checks the following key parameters of the application:

    1. Efficiency of the product – To find whether the pages are uniform or not
    2. Accuracy of the product – Verify that no incorrect data or information is displayed to the user.
    3. Ease of use- To check if the application is easy to use and overall experience of the end user is satisfactory.

    Selection of candidates: Usability testers are selected based upon the demographic and professional requirements. In addition, a ratio of experts and non-experts can be maintained.

    Sometimes, the internal designers or developers usually conduct this testing and make changes in the code based upon the results. In software testing company, a usability team is defined which facilitates this testing.

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