• Automation testing has proved helpful as it reduces time and efforts for QA team. In software testing company, automation is always preferred where test-cases needs to be run again and again so that manual efforts can be saved. However, below are some use cases where automation is not recommended.

    1. Frequent Requirement/Code updations: It is not feasible to automate an application, code and requirements to which are continuously changing.
    2. UI validation : Test cases verifying UI such as colors, alignment, layout of the elements in the application cannot be automated.
    3. User friendliness of the application: Automation tests cannot assess if the application is user friendly or easy to use.
    4. Ad hoc/ Random Testing: It is not feasible to document and automate involute scenarios for ad-hoc or random testing which requires domain knowledge and manual proficiency.
    5. Security Features:
    Tests with unstable/continuously changing elements in the application cannot be automated. For an instance , Captcha, security codes, Bar code, etc.

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