• There are basically two types of alerts/pop-ups used in automation testing by software testing services

    1. Web-based alert pop-ups
    2. Windows-based alert pop-ups

    What is Alert box/ Pop up box/:

    Alert or pop-up is a small box which appears on the display to give some kind of information:

    There are basically four methods which are used to handle the pop-up:

    1) void dismiss() – The dismiss() method is used clicks on the “Cancel” button
    2) void accept() – The accept() method is used clicks on the “Ok” button
    3) String getText() – The getText() method returns the text displayed on the pop-up box.
    4) void sendKeys(String stringToSend) – The sendKeys() method enters the specified string pattern into the pop-up box.

    Alert alert = driver.switchTo().alert();

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  • Web-based popup is otherwise known as server authentication popup. You can handle it by using below:

    driver.get("http://username:password@@SiteURL") ;

    Example: driver.get("");

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