Weekly Testing report Template


Prepared By:
Date of preparation:

A) Issues:
Issues holding the QA team from delivering on schedule:
Issue description:
Possible solution:
Issue resolution date:

You can mark these issues in red colour. These are the issues that requires managements help in resolving them.

Issues that management should be aware:

These are the issues that not hold the QA team from delivering on time but management should be aware of them. Mark these issues in Yellow colour. You can use above same template to report them.

Project accomplishments:
Mark them in Green colour. Use below template.
Accomplishment date:

B) Next week Priorities:
Actionable items next week list them in two categories:

1) Pending deliverables: Mark them in blue colour: These are previous weeks deliverables which should get released as soon as possible in this week.
Work update:
Scheduled date:
Reason for extending:

2) New tasks:
List all next weeks new task here. You can use black colour for this.
Scheduled Task:
Date of release:

C) Defect status:

Active defects:
List all active defects here with Reporter Module Severity priority assigned to.

Closed Defects:
List all closed defects with Reporter Module Severity priority assigned to.

Test cases:
List total number of test cases wrote test cases passed test cases failed test cases to be executed.

This template should give you the overall idea of the status report. Don’t ignore the status report. Even if your managers are not forcing you to
write these reports they are most important for your work assessment in

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