• For creating an efficient and effective effort estimate, you should broaden the expertise on your project processes and understand the team’s expertise level. Software testing solutions and other services  follow different techniques and principles to prepare the task effort estimates e.g., Function Point Analysis technique and Three Point Estimation.

    Below are the major factors which need to be evaluated while preparing effort estimates:
    1. Resources: Initially, evaluate the resources required to achieve the project targets including infrastructure requirements as per timelines.
    2. Skill Set Required: You should draft the details for technical skill set and experience required to  accomplish the project. Based upon the skill set, you will be able to calculate the timelines and time estimation.
    3. Timelines: Your project should have defined delivery timeline. Clarity in the delivery deadlines will help you to prepare the resource planning and skill set requirement plans more efficiently.
    4. Cost and Budget: Once the above parameters are clearly defined, you can fairly perform the cost calculation and compare it with the overall budget.

    Consider below parameters while preparing the estimates:
    1. Divide your tasks into sub-tasks and prepare work breakdown structure WBS.
    2. Assign the tasks to each team member as per their expertized area.
    3. Prepare the estimates as per 80% productivity of each team member.
    4. Include the time for project management and task planning.
    5. Take time to prepare estimates and evaluate all the project requirements well while estimating the project.
    6. Discuss the estimates with the team so that you can include the views and different estimation techniques.
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