• Seven Performance Testing Steps

    1. Identify the testing environment.
    Identify the hardware, software, network configurations and tools available allows the testing team design the test and identify performance testing challenges early. 
    2. Identify performance metrics.
    In addition to identifying metrics such as response time, throughput and constraints, identify what are the success criteria for performance testing.
    3. Plan and design performance tests.
    Identify performance test scenarios that take into account user variability, test data, and target metrics. This will create one or two models.
    4. Configure the test environment.
    Prepare the elements of the test environment and instruments needed to monitor resources.
    5. Implement your test design.
    Develop the tests.
    6. Execute tests.
    In addition to running the performance tests, monitor and capture the data generated.
    7. Analyze, report, retest.
    Analyze the data and share the findings. Run the performance tests again using the same parameters and different parameters.
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  • Live stream often comes with certain issues. Thus to ensure the error free stream, it is important to test the live stream. Quality assurance services takes following parameters into consideration while testing live stream:

    • Quality: The stream should be of high quality. If there is an option to select the quality then stream should play as per selected quality. Otherwise, stream should play as per available network bandwidth.
    • FPS (Frames Per second): The speed rate at which images are shown
    • Skipped Frames: Lost frames when your internet connection loses
    • Buffer Size: Stream should have enough buffer size to play smoothly
    • Latency to Broadcaster: Time taken to deliver the encoded stream
    • Playback Rate: This directly depends on quality of the stream
    • Longevity: Stream should be played without any issues for long time (say more than an hour)

    Apart from that below are few cases listed that comes under testing of live stream:

    • Play/Pause
    • Audio/Video Sync
    • Volume
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