• @Sowjanya do you want to say that Labortary testing is done specifically for testing/verifying the usability of mobile devices ?
  • @my few cents on the same:

    Field testing is done for specific scenarios where the network/environment cant be simulated in a lab or test area.  This is done primarily for

    • the network droppage when the person is traveling between a location where there is network and where there is no network.
    • roaming related scenarios
    • to check for strength of network and coverage of network
    • to test for the handset with regards to capable of receiving networks



  • Adding few more points:
    In both cases, the test environments were realistic. Tthe laboratory was the kind where usability professionals usually run tests with a low budget and the field test was conducted in an environment where users use mobile applications.
    The problems will differ between the environments. For example the long download time would be more tolerable in the field.Field test will be more suitable when evaluating usability of mobile applications, because the context affects usage and performance like signalling flows, hand overs, IMSI attach/detach scenarios in roaming.

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    Sowjanya Yendamuri
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    Also got something for field testing , 


    Field testing is an industry wide practice in which testing is done at various locations where application is to be rolled out. This approach has following disadvantages:

    • Costly and time consuming as field testing is done onsite, since Engineer has to travel around the city for covering various network conditions .With this approach, testing could be incomplete, as the network conditions encountered during field testing may not cover all possible scenarios.
    • Inability to replicate the bugs detected during field testing at a later point of time as network conditions vary continuously.

    If any one know more than please share your knowledge here.




  • So far I know , Laboratory testing is the testing of mobile devices in controlled environment.Where as in the field testing, the device/app is tested in various region to see whether it is working fine for some features like Roaming,Network Coverage,LBS(Location based services like google map),voice call efficiency .Lab testing and field testing is more specific to mobile device testing.


    I would like if anyone who have actually done this kind of testing can bring some more points.




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