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    In case of software testing, we use both manual testing and automation testing

  • Hi,

    Mobile Application Testing is the process in which applications designed and developed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs or phones) are tested for its functionality, consistency, and usability.

    Mobile Testing falls in following categories:

    a.) Functional Testing

    b) Usability Testing

    c.) Performance Testing

    d) Installation Testing

    e.) Interruption Testing

    f.) Memory Testing

    Mobile application testing can be manual or automated. There are several mobile test automation tools used for it, not all but some of them are listed below according to popularity and usage.

    #1) Appium (Android and iOS)
    #2) Calabash (Android and iOS)
    #3) Frank (iOS)
    #4) MonkeyTalk (Android and iOS)
    #5) iOS UI Automation(iOS)
    #6) UI Automator (Android)
    #7) Robotium (Android)
    #8) iOS Driver (iOS)
    #9) KeepItFunctional (iOS):
    #10) Selendroid (Selenium for Android)

    #11) eggPlant (Android and iOS):

    We are using above mentioned tools in our QA projects widely and it makes our work easy.




  • Hey Vijay,

     iOSLoginfo and Airshou was something I was not aware of. Thanks for your inputs. In our company we use:

    1. Appium

    2. Calabash 

    3. Rootium

    4. iTools

    5. TOSCA

    • 1. iOSLoginfo for viewing and getting iOS device or app logs. Previously i was using it but now it gives trouble. Hence, i moved to iOSloginfo.


      2. AirShou is a screen recording app that can be installed on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod running iOS 10 - 10.0.2 & 10.1 without a jailbreak. ... iOS 10.2 Beta 3 · IPA · Apple TV IPA · Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 · Stream Movies. AirShou. AirShou. INSTALL ...


      How to collect device console logs for iOS devices
      How to collect device console logs for iOS devices
  • 1.Monkeytalk

    2. Calabash

    3. Lonelyscreen Airplay Receiver (wireless mirroring tool for iOS devices).

    4. Airshou iOS app screen recorder.

    5. Jmeter

    6. Genymotion Emulators for Android

    7. Hockeyapp for app distribution and crash reporting.

    8. iOSLoginfo (powered by Blackberry). iTools is also there to view iOS device or app logs but sometimes it's not working. ADB for Android.

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