• It represents the window of browser and created automatically by browser itself. It is an object of browser not of java script.
    Window object is used in web application testing services for displaying pop-up dialog box.

    Some of its methods are listed below:
    a) open(): for opening a new window
    b) close(): for closing the current window
    c) confirm(): to take confirmation for performing specific action and it contains OK and Cancel buttons
    d) alert(): for displaying the alert box that contains the message with OK button
    e) prompt(): for displaying a dialog box to get input from user
    f) setTimeout(): for performing a action after defined time like calling function

    Few examples are listed below:

    function msg(){
    var a= prompt("Are you a user?");
    alert("I am "+a);

    function msg(){
    alert("Hello User");

    function msg(){

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